Dear Spammers,

thank you very much for all the attention you have given me in the past few months. It was a very nice feeling that you gave me when I came back after a few months and found your 1548 posts in my comments. It gave me the feeling that my existence in this world and the existence of this very blog did have a sense after all. Luckily I was at a time in my life where i had absolutely nothing to do, so I went through each of those 1548 comments individually and ordered everything you had to offer me. Unfortunately I have now so much Viagra and other similar products in my body, my whole body is stiff. I can’t even sit down anymore, all I can do is stand and wait for it to wear off. So, my dear spamming friends, please have a little mercy on me and give me time to recover before you continue to send me those amazing offers that one just cannot resist.

Thank you very much.